Performance in hosting

‘Technical staff can work by touch. Naming things is business work.’

Virtual Private Server

VPS processors usually are shared on a virtualized server. A VPS with dedicated processors and performance-optimized hardware is an option too;
Note: In case of a DDOS attack on a VPS having dedicated processors, CPU Steal Time is needed to keep processes going.

Virtual Server

Virtual servers are manageable with the OpenStack open source cloud operating system. This server has three Availability Zones. SSD storage capacity can be increased. RAM size can be changed according to the situation. The processors, related to the RAM size, are shared;

Bare-metal dedicated server

A single server containing a company’s applications and databases, may experience a performance issue. You can choose to separate applications and databases to servers with their own processing capacity;

Synchronous redundant storage

The three ‘Availability Zones’ close together, have one zone where the RAM (working memory) and processors work. Clustering applications and databases utilizes the processing power of all three zones. Well-thought-out clustering prevents slowing traffic between the Availability Zones;

Asynchronous (redundant) storage

Unfortunately, a data loss of half an hour must be acceptable;

Lack of space can disrupt daily activity

Recovering from disrupted Availability Zones can take days.
The responsible managers can organize monitoring until it proves itself.

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