Fine-tuning of site settings

‘An IT manager may ask for clean test tool results.’

  • Does the domain provider use DNSSEC technology for a valid route?
    If name servers don’t belong to the registrar, putting these values in place isn’t easy.
  • Is secure email sufficiently set up with DMARC, DKIM, SPF and DANE?
    Realizing a secure email configuration is not generally accepted.
  • Do website security headers work well?
    An optimal score may be specialist work.
  • How up-to-date is the data center in terms of IPv6 and redundant storage?
    Technicians grow in expertise around availability zones.
  • How is the server’s performance in relation to location and SSD storage?
    You can start by locating the server and counting its access time.
  • Will the hosting provider phase out a PHP version if it is no longer supported?
    Software with an unsupported PHP version, with security updates, lacks changing PHP.
  • Does an application offer a choice of more than one mail service?
    A programmer may facilitate an alternative in order to email professionally.

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