Solve DirectAdmin issues

  1. Since version 1.57.0: The ‘Force Redirect’ to add or omit www, needs a change to work RFC solid until after security headers.
    The old choice can be correctly included in this way:
    – None (default) / Plus www / No www;
    – Early Rewrite (old) / Next 301 Redirect / Next 302 Redirect;
    Workaround: Force Redirect ‘none’. Then a Next Redirect.
    Current explanation by DirectAdmin
  2. The creation algorithm EC384 for Let’s Encrypt created manually, can get renewed after 60-90 days with outdated RSA4096.
    Solution: A reported problem on requires automatic renewal without this file from the past:;
    Note: Field label ‘Key Size (bits)’ could be called ‘Algorithm’.

Defect reproduction text issue no. 1:

Security headers, such as HSTS, are required to work with the first domain name over HTTPS. So the rewriting called “Force Redirect” combined with the early rewriting to HTTPS has to be built in differently.

Please redesign the order; I think many scenarios are catched this way:
step 1. rewrite from HTTP to HTTPS by GUI DirectAdmin (works before reaching .htaccess)
step 2a. reading security headers in .htaccess, if .htaccess is read
step 2b. reading security headers on webserver / httpd level
step 2c. applying security headers via public_html
step 3. redirect (301/302) by GUI DirectAdmin to add or omit www
such as from <?php header(“Location:“); exit; ?>

Note1: This is a working Next Redirect in .htaccess after setting the HSTS header that is not generally known.

<If “%{HTTP_HOST} =~ /”>
# Redirect 302 /
Redirect 302 /

Note 2: Redirection in index.php can function to a folder ‘Common’ this way:

echo ‘<!DOCTYPE html> ……….’;

function redirect($url) {
if (!headers_sent()) {
header(‘Location: ‘.$url);
else {
echo ‘<script type=”text/javascript”>’;
echo ‘window.location.href=”‘.$url.'”;’;
echo ‘</script>’;
echo ‘<noscript>’;
echo ‘<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=’.$url.'” />’;
echo ‘</noscript>’; exit;