How to access a new site

A site is accessible prior to changes in the public DNS:

In c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Having hidden files visible and Notepad as administrator.
(Pressing ‘save’ in Notepad++ opens Notepad in administrator mode)

Replace with applicable details and remove hashes:


  • If you move a website to another IP-address, the setting of the e-mail server may accidentally interfere. Having ‘’ is important for the e-mail servers in local e-mail clients. This way you keep referring to the IP address of the ‘mail’ subdomain.
  • For MX, and are common mail server settings. Mail Transfer Agents step over a different domain in the SSL certificate than the one from the server itself, when using ‘’;
  • An IP address can be blocked: Retrieve someones IP address, and clear the firewall;
  • Outdated TLS 1.0 can still be needed: A mail server somewhere else or a user pc, can be behind;
  • IPv6 is less common for mail, even if a data center can handle it. Starting testing, ‘’ can be set up in the public DNS only for IPv4;
  • Old mailboxes can still have received non-retrieved mail. Forwarding to a private email address is an option;
  • For newsletters, the sending server needs autorization setup in SPF settings.