How to access a new site

A site is accessible prior to changes in the public DNS:

In c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Having hidden files visible and Notepad as administrator.
(Pressing ‘save’ in Notepad++ opens Notepad in administrator mode)

Replace with applicable details and remove hashes:


  • If you move a website to another IP-address, the setting of the mail server may accidentally interfere. Having ‘’ is important for the mail servers in email clients. This way you keep referring to the IP address of the ‘mail’ subdomain.
  • For MX, and are common mail server settings. Mail Transfer Agents step over a different domain in the SSL certificate than the one from the server itself, when using ‘’;
  • An IP address can be blocked: Retrieve someones IP address, and clear the firewall;
  • Outdated TLS 1.0 can still be needed: A mail server somewhere else or a user pc, can be behind;
  • IPv6 is less common for mail, even if a data center can handle it. Starting testing, ‘’ can be set up in the public DNS only for IPv4;
  • Old mailboxes can still have received non-retrieved mail. Forwarding to a private email address is an option;
  • For newsletters, the sending server needs autorization setup in SPF settings.