NL country – List Whois

‘The Dutch business register needs significant changes in the field of ICT.’

Try yourself:

issue: At just one domain is shown.
proposal: Do no limit in the detail screen to just one url;

issue: English language is not supported in advanced search, and its url.
proposal: Make also readable in English for eg a .eu domain by ‘EURid vzw’;

issue: Strict search, instead of the current wild search, is not possible.
proposal: Add a ‘strict search’ form field to be ticked or not;

issue: SIDN pays for retrieval, otherwise the registry cannot rely on complete naming information.
proposal: Include public retrieval in indirect costs;

issue: A business holder may already enter several url’s in his / her portal.
issue: A multi-occurrence look-up tool is being modeled by me using PHP generator Scriptcase.
proposal: Provide a realtime check on holder’s name etc. from SIDN (.nl), and other registries;

issue: An organization may feel the need to be in control regarding its web domains.
proposal: Email Whois status two months before an organization’s fiscal year ends;

Suggested data structure:
– public list of all web domains of the organization based on ‘domain_web_publish’: no, yes.
– new form field ‘retrieval_name_public’: no retrieval, not visible, visible.
– new form field ‘retrieval_name_status’: no retrieval, does not match, does almost match, does exactly match;

Regarding financial statements:
Output needs to be sufficient for an organization to be in control.
Per balance sheet date may cause a storage and / or performance problem.
For auditing, a six-monthly audit is, I think, sufficient for timely improvement.

No holder name shown in SIDN’s Whois for a .nl domain, is caused by type ‘Non-business use’.

Spelling and legal naming copied from Dutch websites: