NL country – List Whois

‘Checking RDAP and secure email doesn’t have to take a lot of time.’
‘The Dutch business register can use major IT changes.’
‘The Dutch Land Registry may provide specific knowledge.’
‘The .nl SIDN Foundation opts for foreign outsourcing.’

The KVK as an independent administrative body belongs to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Business Register hyperlink:

A Business Register concerns reliable data, and domain names must be correct:

See my information modeling with the help of a PHP generator:

issue: The Dutch word ‘zoeken’ instead of ‘search’ is only for Dutch-speaking users.
suggestion: The query server has a table definition in English and an updated design of indexes;

issue: Strict search, instead of the current wild search, is not available.
suggestion: Add a ‘strict search’ form field, to check or not, also case sensitive;
Note: Dutch example of wide search

issue: SIDN pays for retrieval, otherwise the registry cannot rely on complete naming information.
suggestion: Opt for public inquiries as non-billable indirect costs;

issue: An organization may feel the need to be in control regarding its web domains.
issue: An organization may have a web domain listed as previous owner.
issue: Since Q1/Q2 2023, a web domain can still be found on
need: A revenue model to analyze customer URLs, also for subdomains.
need: Once RDAP web ID indexing is achieved, comparison against entered domains can work.
suggestion: Email domain details two months before an organization’s fiscal year ends;

issue: SIDN B.V. chooses to communicate with the non-existent trade name ‘SIDN BV’.
issue: Google Translate changes the legal forms B.V. and N.V. to BV and NV.
issue: Google Translate changes bv and nv to BV and NV.
issue: Google Translate changes b.v. to e.g..
need: BV, NV, CV and VOF are clearer abbreviations in legal explanation.
need: The KVK may add the statutionary name without these dots as a trade name.
need: The donor principle, such as for b.v., can be stated in an amendment.
suggestion: Work towards a legislative amendment of abbreviations without dots.

Suggested URLs structure:
– public (y/n) list of entered web domains of an organization;
– entering web domains may be technically rather than administratively authorized;
– grid field ‘web_id?’: no retrieval / code invalid / does match / does not match;
– grid field ‘trade_name?’: no retrieval / does exactly match / does almost match / does not match.

Suggested revenue model:
– report non-secure e-mail from a (sub)domain, based on the code of ‘’;
– provide an annual calendar for moving the date in the security.txt file and renewing a HTTPS certificate;
– Dutch statistics on trends in secure email;
– central RDAP servers may index on web id, then compare with entered web domains.

About performance management:
In the case of the expected three availability zones.
– data traffic performance works when databases and applications are well-thought-out clustered.

Regarding financial statements:
Output needs to be sufficient for an organization to be in control.
Per balance sheet date could cause a storage and / or performance problem.
For auditing, a six-monthly audit is, I think, sufficient for timely improvement.

1. The Dutch government publishes a monthly Excel file about its web domains;
2. No holder name shown in SIDN’s RDAP for a .nl domain, is caused by entry form type ‘Private Person’;
3. In my opinion, the functionality of web domains in a business register does not combine with the entity information, which must be reliable.