NL country – List Whois

‘The Dutch business register could use major IT changes.’
‘The Dutch Land Registry may provide specific knowledge.’
‘Checking Whois and secure mail doesn’t have to take a lot of time.’

See my modeling for with the help of a PHP generator:
The Dutch word ‘zoeken’ instead of ‘search’ is unfortunately still limited to Dutch-speaking users.

issue: Since Q1/Q2 2023, a web domain can still be found at
suggestion: Start a revenue model to analyze customer URLs, also for subdomains;

issue: Strict search, instead of the current wild search, is not available.
suggestion: Add a ‘strict search’ form field, to check or not, also case sensitive;

issue: SIDN pays for the retrieval, otherwise the registry cannot rely on complete naming information.
suggestion: Opt for public inquiries as non-billable indirect costs;

issue: A multi-occurrence look-up tool was modeled by me as shown above.
suggestion: Provide real-time checking of registrant name etc. from all registries;

issue: An organization may feel the need to be in control regarding its web domains.
suggestion: Email Whois details two months before an organization’s fiscal year ends;

issue: An organization may have a web domain listed as previous owner.
suggestion: Think of a control mechanism somehow;

Suggested URLs structure:
– public list of entered web domains of an organization;
– grid field ‘web_id?’: no retrieval / code invalid / does match / does not match;
– grid field ‘trade_name?’: no retrieval / does exactly match / does almost match / does not match.

Suggested revenue model:
Based on the open source code of ‘’, advanced information would be great.
– such as (sub)domain email whether or not insecurely authorized;
– Dutch statistics on trends in secure email.

About performance management:
In the case of the expected three availability zones.
– performance works when databases and applications are clustered.

Regarding financial statements:
Output needs to be sufficient for an organization to be in control.
Per balance sheet date could cause a storage and / or performance problem.
For auditing, a six-monthly audit is, I think, sufficient for timely improvement.

1. The Dutch government publishes an Excel file about its web domains on a monthly basis;
2. No trade name shown in SIDN’s Whois for a .nl domain, is caused by entry form type ‘Private Person’.

Spelling and legal naming copied from Dutch websites: