Solve ODBC issues

ODBC in CentOS 7 and DirectAdmin:

  • a parameterstring in a MS Access VBA module for MySQL databases:
    Public Const gloODBCParameters As String = “PORT=3306;SSLmode=verify-full;TextAsLongVarchar=0;UseDeclareFetch=0;LANGUAGE=us_english;INITSTMT=set wait_timeout=600;FOUND_ROWS=1”;
  • the 32 bits driver {MySQL ODBC 8.0 Unicode Driver} works on my pc in MS Access;
  • port 3306 for MySQL in the firewall for TCP In and TCP6 In;
  • in Linux in /etc/my.cnf ‘bind-address =’ to ‘#bind-address =’ and restart the mysqld service;
  • databases are authorized for a personal IPv4;
  • in Windows 10: network/ODBC/’trace started’ slows down connectivity;
  • a provider may switch an IPv6 address all the time for privacy.
    This setting lets me use the IPv4 address as server name (if using IPv6: between brackets).

I can send VBA statements on request with MySQL Mariadatabase:

ODBC in CentOS 8 and DirectAdmin (new menu):

  • Authorize databases to connect for the IPv4 on your location;
  • Allow in the firewall port 3306 for TCP IN;
  • For MS Access (32-bits) use the 32-bits driver;
  • Call the server by ODBC with its IPv4-address;
  • Add in /etc/my.cnf under [mysqld] the server’s IPv4-address: eg bind-address = 123.456.789.999;
  • Restart the mysqld service.