Solve Amazon SES issues

Hints for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES):

  • avoid a misinterpretation like in a DNS record name.
  • end a DKIM value with a dot to tell that the domain name is complete.
  • just close and open in order to successfully verify, or generate / verify again (having the same DKIM values).
  • DMARC does work; a dmarc=fail may be caused by SPF or DKIM setup.
  • Check for no more than ten DNS lookups.
  • SES works with the SRS authorization technique, which is flexible.
  • a file with login details is an option; for me a database table works with an input form.
  • the spam score may be a problem (greenlist / whitelist).
  • if using ‘forged reply to’, a spam score is raised, mentioning: FREEMAIL_FORGED_REPLYTO.
  • maybe keep the sender address and reply address identical not to end up as spam.

SES with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP):

  • DNS settings and credentials under SMTP settings.
  • firewall CSF must have SMTP_BLOCK disabled for the SMTP proces.

SES in the Software Development Kit (SDK or devkit):

  • DNS settings and IAM user credentials.
  • PHP manual: The ‘use’ keyword must be declared in the outermost scope of a file (the global scope) or inside namespace declarations. This is because the importing is done at compile time and not at runtime, so it cannot be block scoped.
  • my working PHP code: Coding for improved SDK Usage