Monitoring hosting

Common checks:

SSL server score plus many details:
State-of-the-art (Dutch indication):   /
Functioning of a DNS (informative):
Broken links, performance, etcetera:
DNS report:
Server / site score (plus list subdomains):
Overview of properties:
Server analysis, detailed:
HTTP/2 test:
Test host reachability:
Test local IPv6 capability:
Find hosting data:
List shared server URLs:
Analyze IP ownership:
Search geographic location:
Describes three locations:
Find Subdomains (A records):
Analyze type of application:

Domain Name System (DNS):

Check on DNS setup: / /
For an ‘AAAA’ record for IPv6, a data center must be up-to-date.
A ‘TLSA’ record for DANE ensures secure e-mail transport, and in the future for an URL.
A ‘CAA’ record protects against a different SSL certificate provider than set in the DNS.

Some background information:

HSTS restricts to https:
HTTP/2 webpage traffic optimization:
SNI same owner of (server) domain: