Towards clear Whois in the .nl zone

Privacy in the .nl zone was improved

In order to improve privacy in the .nl zone, Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland ( has changed rules on 1 March 2016. If a domain holder is a private domain name holder as compared to a business domain name holder, the registrant’s name is no longer required.

1-5 Clearer explanation for the holder name

Whois information exceeds intellectual property rights. Someone must be in charge. A business registrant is not necessarily a legal entity. A change of registrant requires the agreement of both parties. A domain with a registrant name that does not exist is out of control; a court decision can then provide a solution; a typo can be corrected at an early stage.

2-5 Clearer table fields in relation to the right to view in GDPR / AVG, instead of hiding
  • nl: Type houder: 0 particuliere houder 0 zakelijke houder
    en: Type of registrant: 0 private registrant 0 business registrant
  • nl: Naam houder: ‘afgeschermd’ indien niet te zien
    en: Name of registrant: ‘withheld’ if hidden
  • nl: Straatadres houder: ‘afgeschermd’ indien niet te zien
    en: Street address of registrant: ‘withheld’ if hidden

Example of a Whois Registration Private at, LLC:

Functionality to forward to hidden email addresses:

Upcoming regulation:

Abuse contact has been added

quote SIDN: ‘From August 10, 2017, the registration data about each domain name will include contact details for reporting abuse to the registrar. ‘Abuse’ means any form of internet crime. The additional information will soon be available from the Whois on our website. Easy access to abuse contact details will mean that issues involving the domain name can be dealt with more quickly.’

3-5 Clearer abuse contact, instead of hiding

nl: Contactgegevens niet beschikbaar -> Optioneel voor een registrar
en: Contact details are not available -> Optional for a registrar

4-5 Clearer explanation for the administrative contact

As administrative contact preferably choose the person who manages the administrative affairs. This email address must already be accessible when creating the domain and is preferably from another domain.

5-5 Clearer explanation for the technical contact

As technical contact preferably choose the person who can take immediate action in case of a technical issue.

Achieved insight of Whois
  • Customers just don’t understand invisible fields;
  • With all best efforts to really improve input, registrars remain dependent on legitimate changes;
  • A corresponding registrant name is still not an unique identifier.
    Compare the transition to IBAN – (International Bank Account Number);
  • The forms in SIDN her interface structure less than ten percent of input. Transparency and continuous public supervision are important to SIDN and its customers. In this way, public becomes aware of unexpected data. From the point of view of administrative organization, this acts as a control loop. A domain registrant is sensitive to criticism from customers;
  • Correct input forms are not a solution to correct long-standing data;
  • I think a professional checklist should become routine during the (half) annual audit.